What We Do

Win-Win Outcomes

At Validarte, we help our corporate clients participate in creative art programmes to promote key business and strategic priorities, core values, social awareness and community engagement that delivers win-win outcomes.

We design, develop and implement bespoke visual art learning, participation and engagement programmes for businesses which drive positive social impact in the communities where they operate.


Why We Do It


Provide funding and create opportunities for artists. Taking steps to support artists who are facing financial barriers or who have limited access to opportunities.

Actively promote outcomes that arts activities are particularly effective at achieving such as reaching local communities, engaging a wide range of stakeholders, injecting creativity in a business and developing the skills of employees.

Our mission is to build a bridge between the art and business industries to create a thriving, sustainable, cultural economy.


Central to our mission is the belief that the arts can inspire social change. We believe art and artists play a vital role in stimulating debate, shaping our environment, encouraging participation, and effecting change.

We are driven by the belief that creating value, being purpose driven, producing return on community as well as return on investment— are critical ingredients for corporations seeking the double bottom line of social responsibility—“to do well and to do good”


At Validarte we strongly promote the value of art and its unique capacity to enhance awareness, knowledge, and dialogue around complex social issues, as well as to connect across cultural differences.

Art has the power to inspire, provoke, challenge and transform. It can shed light on often overlooked stories and serve as a medium to demonstrate positive impact.


How We Work

Tailored to the client

The key to success is that all our services are tailored to the individual needs of each business and client.

Working with us, a client can expect a complete bespoke art package, with each stage of the process taken care of. The result is a  personalised and impactful art solution that uniquely represents the mission, the values and the people within a company and their community.

Collaborative Approach

Our approach is grounded on the interaction between artists, communities and the corporate change makers to benefit all. We believe in collaborative value creation and the benefit of cross-sectoral innovation actions. Reciprocal giving and learning are key concepts to successful Art and business partnerships. This is why we ensure each project is uniquely responsive to every client’s requirement, enabled by an approach that embraces collaborative, flexible and open-minded thinking.

Engagement and Participation

Creative consultation and arts-led engagement projects promote relationship building through learning, action, and the expression of needs and values. We help our clients manage effective and successful community and employee engagement, either as part of larger public art commission or as stand-alone projects.

Social Impact

We empower our clients to measure, demonstrate and enhance their social, economic and environmental impact. Art can have a positive impact on the workforce, inspiring and motivating them through the working environment.

How We Can Help You

Do Well Whilst Doing Good

We help our clients to contribute to culture as well as society and make a difference, however small it might be. Arts activities with a community focus are particularly useful in engaging with stakeholders and influencing opinion formers, as they combine public events with the opportunity to demonstrate social impact efforts. At Validarte we advise businesses on how they can participate in creative art experiences that have meaningful social impact at the community level aligned with their strategic agenda.

Showcase Company Values

Increasing number of businesses have been investing more strongly in their set of core values.   They have clear strategic objectives of driving stronger employee engagement, achieving greater diversity and being more sustainable to promote and reinforce company vision and mission and build a positive corporate branding identity.

A well designed arts project can powerfully reinforce these values.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporations are focusing strategically on issues that align with their business interests and have a positive social impact on their employees, their consumers, or the communities in which they do business.

Art projects can boost your company profile and help to raise your corporate social responsibility profile through exhibitions, sponsorship opportunities and engagement with the wider arts community.

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