Corporate Art Commission

Site-specific art commission

Hired as curatorial corporate consultants to develop an art solution which would individualise and contextualise a workspace. Validarte commissioned a site-specific artwork by renowned English artist Ian Davenport to create an animated focus in the waiting area outside the company’s boardroom. The Art installation was bespoke and tailored to the space as well as to the client’s specifications.

Ian Davenport Amarelathina 2019


Image: Ian Davenport puddle painting detail. Courtesy of the artist.

At Validarte we believe that art can significantly enhance the experience, style and value of a corporate workspace to the benefit of both its employees and customers, converting spaces into dynamic and enriched environments.

Art can bring its viewers joy, surprise, stimulation, and reflection in a way that is unique to a specific place.

Some companies select artworks that embody their corporate values; others use art to represent the history of their company, either by commissioning new artworks that reflect this or by redeploying pieces from the company archive in a new way.