Incopro Art Collection

Curation of Corporate Art Collection

Consulted Incopro, an online IP and brand protection software provider, on developing a corporate art collection for their new 10,000 square foot, Central London office. With the company’s expansion the recently renovated office block needed to be uplifted.

A company identity is about more than its mission statement. From the people to the office, every aspect tells a story about the core values of a brand, and corporate art collections share an especially significant part of that story.

The Brief:

Reinforce and reflect Incopro’s ethos, core values and diverse community. Communicate to visitors who Incopro is and boost positive brand image. Enhance and energise the work space environment, create sense of excitement, inspirational office atmosphere and encourage curiosity and creativity. Deliver aesthetic richness within the business context.

Artworks were sourced and commissioned for display on the main walls of the workplace: the entry foyer, CEO’s office; Chairman’s office; board room; and various other meeting rooms.



A uniquely curated art collection. Incopro showing support for the art community, the collection has created a very visually engaging work place that inspires those that enter. The contemporary art on display is designed to stimulate conversation among colleagues, drive debate and discussion within the office context and expand employee perspectives and approaches to creative problem solving and thus fostering a dynamic environment . The motivation was to project the company’s brand , ethos and image to its shareholders, staff, clients, and general public whilst displaying art that is motivating and uplifting for its staff.

Collection consists of exclusively Contemporary Art produced by living artists from all over the world ranging from the US, France, Austria , Mexico and the UK. This diversity reflects the Incopro team which similarly boasts many nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. The general theme of the collection is an energised sense of boundless innovation with an underlying thread connecting each artist: the overuse of the Internet the use of  new technologically inspired and modified art practices, an appropriate concept for a fast-growing technology and brand protection company. Paintings represent the primary nucleus of the collection compromising of both small and large scale pieces by distinguished artists.

“The collection in our head office in London was carefully curated to align closely with  our core values and ethos  – creativity , collaboration, culturally diverse and global . It was a great success and generated great engagement with our staff , most of whom are gen z ,  as well as a positive  image with our customers.“

CEO, Simon Baggs, Incopro, UK